iPhone 6 'Ultra-Retina' Screen Could Still Be Lower-Resolution Than Galaxy S5

The iPhone 6 Might Launch With One 'Ultra' Feature...

New rumours surrounding Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 suggest it could launch with a new 'Ultra-Retina' screen -- and be just 5.59mm thick.

The rumours are not exactly from a watertight source - and to state the obvious, Apple has let nothing slip.

But they're an interesting tidbit of info ahead of the unveiling itself, which will come in September (probably), or at least the next piece of solid information.

This time the leaker is Sonny Dickson, a serial source of occasionally accurate info on Apple releases.

He claimed in a series of tweets that the new iPhone will run an A8 processor (2.6Ghz), be just 0.22 inches thick and have a 389ppi screen descibed as 'Ultra-Retina' (but still lower than the Galaxy S5).

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