Samsung Galaxy S5 Features: 9 Things It Can Do That The IPhone Can't Do

Samsung Galaxy S5 Can Do (At Least) 9 Things The iPhone Can't

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is out in the UK in April, with pre-orders starting on 28 March.

But before you slap down your cash - or sign on the dotted line to pay for it over the next 24 months - you'll want to be sure you're getting the best device you possibly can.

And, as ever, there's always the option of getting an iPhone instead.

So to help you make your choice, we've compiled a list of 9 things that the Galaxy S5 can do that the iPhone can't do.

True, we could probably make a list at least as long highlighting the iPhone's positives. And yes, the charm of the iPhone has never been its rich feature set, but it's consistent, rock-solid and pared-down experience. And the App Store.

But it's definitely worth looking at the Galaxy S5 in more detail. Its headline features - the heart-rate monitor and the water resistance - are neat enough, but when you add in the opportunity to boost its storage by up to 128GB it becomes even more compelling.

Check out our picks for the coolest S5 features:


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