Just How Do The F1 Cars In 2014 Compare To 2013 For Noise? (VIDEO)

After Benie Ecclestone expressed how "horrified" he was at the lack of noise from this year's Formula 1 cars, questions are being asked about what can be done to get the decibel level up.

F1's boss added he had spoken to FIA president, Jean Todt, to see if changes can be made to "make them sound like racing cars".

“I don’t know whether it’s possible but we should investigate. I think let’s get the first few races out of the way and then maybe look to do something. We can’t wait all season. It could be too late by then," the Telegraph reported.

Although the arrival of the new 1.6-litre V6 turbo-charged power units produced an entertaining season-opening race at Melbourne's Albert Park on Sunday, the noise levels failed to impress.

The screaming sound of the old V8 engine has gone, and in its place is a huskier decibel level, complete with whistles and whirrs from the turbo.

"I was absolutely delighted with the whole weekend, but I was not too happy with the sound," Ron Walker, chairman of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation told Melbourne newspaper The Age after the race.

"We are resolving that with Bernie. It's clearly in breach of our contract. I was talking to him last night (Sunday) and it's not what we paid for. It's going to change.

But to see just how different this years turbo-charged V6s are in comparison to last year's screaming V8s who better to judge than the punter in the stands.

Fortunately, one fan clearly has his favourite spot at Albert Park and filmed the cars roaring down the pit straight in the video above.

If it's noise you're after, there's no contest.