L'Wren Scott Death: Actress Gina Bellman Questions Whether ‘Women Are Getting Help They Need With Menopause'

Actress Gina Bellman has taken to Twitter in the wake of fashion designer L’Wren Scott’s death to question whether “women are getting the help they need with the menopause”.

Gina also appeared in TV series 'Ripper Street'

The New Zealand-born actress posted a series of tweets following the fashion designer’s unexpected death, adding that she often sees “amazing women” struggling to cope with the menopause and labelling it as a “taboo” subject.

Gina went on to discuss postnatal depression, adding: “We take postnatal depression very seriously. I think menopause should be taken as seriously in this 'you can have it all' era."

Tributes to L’Wren have poured in online, with many celebs taking to Twitter to share their sadness at the unexpected and shocking news.

L'Wren Scott, pictured in November 2013

L’Wren and Jagger had been dating since 2001 and as well as creating catwalk collections, the fashion designer also crafted stage outfits for a number of The Rolling Stones’ tours.

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