Happiest Countries Revealed, According To How Many Happy Photos They Instagram

It may not take into account GDP, health services or housing, but the latest study which reveals the world's happiest countries according to Instagram is a light-hearted take on International Happiness Day.

The technology behind how Jetpac City Guides managed to come by the results is quite impressive; they have access to geo-parsing which allows them to analyse over 150 million Instagram photos, for over 6,000 cities.

This is the same tech they use to produce city guides in its iPhone app.

The UK comes in at number 62 - so we've clearly got some work to do in the turn-that-frown-upside-down area.

Julian Green, CEO and co-founder of Jetpac said: "It's very exciting to be able to see how happy people are around the world. Measuring the smiles on people's faces from shared Instagram photos around the world combines image processing with gig data analysis.

"All previous methods have relied on indirect methods such as surveys, or the usage of happy words in communication. Having this happiness data for specific venues in all the cities of the world, helps you work out where to go for fun."

Explaining how they did it, he adds: "To measure the world's smiles, we grouped Instagram photos for millions of venues in all the cities of the world, and did image processing to identify faces and smiles, and to measure the size of those smiles.

Teeth exposure doesn't increase the Jetpac smile score, but size and curvature of the smile does. The smile score for a venue, city or country is the average of smile scores for photos with faces."

Here's a quick snapshot of the top 20...

The 20 Happiest Countries In The World