Fireball Over Canada Sparks Search For Asteroid

A massive fireball which streaked across the Canadian sky, lighting up social media, has sparked a mass hunt for the remains of a possible asteroid.

Scientists were said to be rushing to the site of the impact, which is thought to be somewhere south west of Ontario.

The fireball was seen at 10.24PM by several camera in the area, all operated by Western University's Southern Ontario Meteor Network on 18 March.

The fireball is suspected to have exploded about 47 miles above Earth and broke up 20 miles later, two hours west of Toronto.

Scientists said the remnants would probably be small, and embedded in the soil, but could provide valuable insights about their origins.

Officials at Western said in a statement:

"Meteorites may best be recognized by their dark and scalloped exterior, and are usually denser than normal rock and will often attract a fridge magnet due to their metal content."

They also called on anyone who "may have witnessed or recorded this event, seen or heard unusual events at the time, or who may have found possible fragments of the freshly fallen meteorite" to come forward.

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