Cristiano Ronaldo Can't Keep His Eyes Off Model Girlfriend Irina Shayk At Basketball Game (PICS)

Ronaldo Can't Keep His Eyes Off Irina, No Idea Why...

Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t keep his eyes off model girlfriend Irina Shayk during their date night at the basketball in Madrid - and we wonder why that could be…

Irina spiced up her casual double-denim look by leaving the top buttons of her shirt undone, leaving footballer Cristiano unable to take his eyes off her cleavage.

Irina and Cristiano were there to watch Real Madrid's Basket Team play CSKA Moscow, although, by the looks of things, Ronaldo didn't actually see much of the game...

Ronaldo couldn't keep his eyes off Irina's cleavage

The cute couple’s low-key date at the Spanish capital’s Sport Palace wasn’t exactly an intimate affair, though, and the pair were joined by one of Ronaldo’s teammates and his partner.

The footie star did manage to tear his eyes away from the stunning Irina for a few minutes and chatted to his pals before watching at least a few minutes of the game, leaving the model to snap a few photos of the on court action.

Cristiano did manage to take his eyes off Irina for long enough to find their seats

Oh and Ronaldo - just in case you didn’t manage to see the score, Real Madrid won 93-79.


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