Missing Plane MH370: KETV News Station Compares Malaysia Airlines Search To TV Series Lost

KETV news station clearly thought that two weeks was long enough to wait before turning the Malaysia Airlines news story into a quirky promotional game.

According to The Daily Dot, the Omaha-based news station tweeted a photo to promote one of its stories on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

No effort was spared in the production values. The promotional photo was carefully mocked up to merge a Lost TV show advert, with the words 'Flight 370'.

Tweet from KETV NewsWatch 7

Readers were invited to tweet their theories at the helpful hashtag, or simply read the station's news feed about the lost plane.

When the tweet was sent out, four planes were circulating the south Indian Ocean hoping to send back news of the missing 239 passengers of Flight 370 who remain missing... in real life.

This utterly chilling tweet has since been deleted.

As The Daily Dot pointed out: "Lost is a fictional television show with polar bears, smoke monsters, and mysterious deities on a tropical island, while the 239 people on MH370 are still missing or likely dead.

"Their families and loved ones are distraught with grief."

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