Justin Bieber New Tattoo At 40,000 Feet: 'Baby' Singer Has 'Forgive' Inked On Flight

Justin Bieber's Was Inked At 40,000 Feet

Justin Bieber has a new addition to his ever-growing tattoo collection, but at least he can always say this one had an interesting back story.

The 'Baby' singer had the word 'Forgive' permanently etched on his torso during a flight to Canada, while at 40,000 feet in the air.

Justin is tattooed on a flight

New York City tattoo artist Bang Bang was given the honours of inking the star, having already done tattoos for the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry, as well as Justin's ex Selena Gomez.

Bang Bang told TMZ it was "the most difficult tattoo" he's ever had to do as the plane hit turbulence while he was in the middle of inking Justin.

The finished tattoo

Justin's already vast tattoo collection includes an image of Jesus on the bag of his leg, praying hands on his ankle and the word 'believe' - which is also the name of one of his albums - on his left arm.

His first tattoo was at the age of 16, when he had a small bird inked on his hip, the same tattoo both his father and uncle have.

The Bieb-meister has also recently had a Banksy design tattooed on his arm, which the artist himself was reportedly rather unimpressed with.

Miami Beach Police Documentation of Justin Bieber's Tattoos

Justin Bieber's Tattoos

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