TK Maxx Uses Gorgeous 60-Something Grandma For Swimsuit Shots (And An Octogenarian)

TK Maxx is already beloved by those trying to snaffle a cheap winter coat or bargain luggage for the summer holidays, but it has gone and done something even more wonderful.

Their latest campaign doesn't just feature the predictable spread of impossibly slim and beautiful 19-year-olds.

Instead, they've featured their own shoppers, and one includes 62-year old model Olga Taylor, a Russian grandmother who lives in Twickenham.

She features in a swimsuit shot no less, and my, does she look marvellous.


In another shot, they have also used stylish 82-year-old Martin Gordon (not, thankfully in a budgie smuggler).

It's part of TK Maxx's Me.By Me campaign, which features real people. Olga works in catering at the local college in Twickenham and was spotted while shopping in the store.

It continues the company's theme to feature older models - last year they used the world's oldest supermodel Daphne Selfe in the autumn campaign.

However, talking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, older model Alex B said she wished this could be more par for the course.

"As a mature model and an active supporter of diversity in fashion and advertising, I am happy to see that well-known brands are realising that they need to have a wider range of models in their campaigns. I just wish this was not sensationalised!

"I still cannot help thinking that much of it is rather tokenistic. The day when we will not feel we need to have articles saying “Oh look! an older model…a black model…a ‘whatever’ model’ will mark a substantial shift in our attitudes. Diversity should be perceived as normal, rather than something to gawk at."


Olga said, reported the Mail Online, "‘It really is amazing how at my age and just for being myself I have been able to join in such a wonderful campaign and it’s something I really believe in. It makes me feel very proud!"