25/03/2014 13:50 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Death And Religion: Bryan Cranston And Kevin Bacon On How To Answer Kids' Tricky Questions (Video)

Children have the unnerving ability to ask questions that can flummox even the most quick-thinking of parents, as Bryan Cranston, Kevin Bacon and Tim Robbins learn in the eighth episode of Hank Azaria's Fatherhood documentary series.

In Episode 8: The Big Questions, Hank seeks advice from childcare experts and his famous friends, as he struggles to talk to his four-year-old son, Hal, about the death of his grandfather.

Hank, who provides the voices for characters in The Simpsons including Moe, Apu, Chief Wiggum and Comic Book Guy, says:


Sadly my dad passed away this last year and I had to talk to Hal about death. It's incredibly difficult to try to describe to a four year old what just happened there.


Hank learns that it's quite normal for children to go through an existential crisis, during which they are likely to pose some tricky questions around the subjects of death and religion, such as:

'What is god?'

'What's going to happen when you die?'

Who will take care of us when you die?

'How long do you live?'

And even...

'Do angels diet?'

Kids are very literal, so to try and explain something abstract - like god or death - that you can't feel, see or touch, can be difficult. Watch the video above to see how Hank learns to tackle tough topics with his young son.

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