Parenting... The Truth: Toddlers (Video)

You've made it through the intense baby years so now life will get easier... right?

Episode 5 of our Parenting...The Truth video series focusses on toddlers. Parents reveal their fears that their child won't reach developmental milestones, like learning to walk, and how relief when they finally manage those first steps is quickly replaced with new worries.

Hearing their child's first word is another moving moment for parents, but the ability to communicate also means your toddler can let you know what's most important to them. Will it be mum, dad or... cake!

Parents also reveal that no matter how prepared you are, having a toddler brings some scenarios you just can't plan for. The poo in the public swimming pool? Referring to another toddler as 'that fat kid' in their clearest public speaking voice?

Do their experiences match your own? Let us know in the comments section below.

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