Latest iPhone 6 Concept Imagines A Big, Square Future For Apple

Will The iPhone 6 Usher In A Big - But Square - Future Of Smartphones?

The iPhone 6 concept horse has well and truly bolted. We've seen some amazing work recently, which paints an elegant and very possible image of the future of Apple's smartphone.

This one? Well, it's a bit more speculative. But as a result, it's almost even more amazing.

This concept was produced by Martin Hajek, a serial Apple concept artist, in collaboration with iCulture.

The phone is reminiscent of the old iPod Nano, with a flat top and bottom but rounded edges, a single-tone metal back and an extremely thin profile.

But it's also square in design, larger than the iPhone 5S and tones down the bright colours of iOS 7 for a more restrained, professional feel.

It's a fun reimagining of the iPhone, but to be honest we don't expect Apple to go in this direction. We think something more similar to Future's concept is likely - a careful, evolutionary upgrade with neater metal lines and a bigger screen, but no revolutionary changes.


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