27/03/2014 15:15 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

McBusted Star Tom Fletcher's Baby Buzz Leaves Hospital After Mystery Illness

McBusted star Tom Fletcher's baby son Buzz has been given the all-clear to leave hospital after he was rushed in on Saturday morning with a mystery health scare.

Tom, 28, told his 1.29 million army of Twitter fans: "Buzz is 2 weeks old today and we're all looking forward to finally getting out of the hospital this afternoon! Whoop!!!!"

Along with his message he posted a lovely photo of wife Giovanna cuddling baby Buzz.

Tom hasn't revealed what medical attention little Buzz needed but the family are clearly delighted to be able to go home.

Besotted Tom has been sharing his joy, challenges and fears since he became a new dad a fortnight ago.

In an amusing series of Tweets he wrote: "Shouldn't the word "tired" be spelled "tierd"? Or am I just tired? Or tierd!"

And: "Morning. Surviving on minimal sleep today. Is it inappropriate to MOO at my wife when her boobs are leaking breast milk?"

And this: "It's amazing how quickly terms like "night-feed", "winding" and "poopy bum" have become common phrases in our vocabulary."

After Buzz was born, Tom uploaded an amazing time-lapse video of Giovanna's growing baby bump as he sang to her which has gone viral - with stars
such as Russell Crowe sharing it on the web.

When Giovanna found out on Wednesday she wrote: "Erm... THE Russell Crowe just tweeted a link to Bump to Buzz.......... Amazing!"