'The Voice' Coach Ricky Wilson Reveals Secret To Weight Loss, And What He Thinks Of Kylie, Will.i.am And Tom Jones

'The Voice' coach Ricky Wilson has given away the secret to his recent weight loss... happiness.

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman tells Geoff Lloyd on Absolute Radio that it wasn't the prospect of appearing on TV that had prompted his change in physique, because he wouldn't have had enough time.

Ricky Wilson is looking noticeably trimmer in 'The Voice' than in previous years when he was purely a musician

"I got that gig on the TV show two weeks before we started filming, and if I had lost the weight for the TV I’d be selling my secrets," he said.

"I had the opposite because I didn’t worry about anything. I think happiness makes you thin. Take that Davina.”

Sitting alongside other judges Kylie Minogue, Will.i.am and Sir Tom Jones, Ricky admits he feels like an uninvited guest at a party...

“I do find it quite unnatural to be sat next to the other coaches… let me put it this way, I am the least famous person at that particular party, so I’m always looking down the line going ‘you invited me?’ What am I doing here?”

But he's enjoying the extra recognition he gets now from fans in the street...

“My mum and dad are really happy, it is a different kind of thing being on TV than being in a band. You belong to people a lot more.

"I did get a load of kids on the bus the other day say, 'Oh look, it’s that coach off 'The Voice', the one who is always stoned.

"I’m quite proud of that, that they think I’m always stoned. They think I’m on a BBC television programme and they allow me to go on stoned.”

'The Voice' final is taking place this weekend on BBC1.

Listen to the full interview on Absolute Radio from 7pm on Monday 31 March. www.absoluteradio.co.uk/listen


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