Do it for Denmark: New Advert Encourages Danes To Have More Sex

Population increase in Denmark has been described as "dangerously low" but that might be about to change - a travel company have created an advert that encourages Danes to have sex.

As an added - and slightly gross - incentive, participants can enter a competition if they can prove that they have conceived a child.

But wait a minute potty mind - we're not talking about a Kim Kardashian sex tape - you just need to take a picture of the pregnancy test and send it in.

Travel company Spies Rejser's new campaign Do It For Denmark promises one couple three years of free baby supplies and a child-friendly holiday if they can prove they made a baby while on one of their holidays.

Stating that 10% of Danish children are conceived on holiday, the company claim that their tongue-in-cheek advert - which offers discounts on city breaks as well as the chance to win big - aims to tackle the country's low birth rate.

According to the Copenhagen Post, a report published in February 2013 found more than one in five couples were childless.

The report has lead to concerns that there will not be enough people to support an ageing population in Denmark.

Spies Rejser's competition even provides tips for increasing fertility, such as: "Take advantage of gravity. Lie down for at least 15 minutes after sex", while advising men to avoid wearing tight pants "even if you think it looks good".

The advert concludes: "“But what if you already did your duty? Or what if your chance of conceiving a child isn’t so high?

“Well look at it this way. It’s not just about winning. All the fun is in the participation.”