John Simm Stars In TV Drama 'Prey', As A Policeman On The Run After Being Accused Of Murder

John Simm stars in the new three-part ITV thriller, 'Prey', about a policeman on the run, desperate to clear his name.

John plays Detective Sergeant Marcus Farrow, a well-liked copper who is wrongly accused and arrested for murder.

Narrowly escaping police custody, Farrow becomes an outlaw and begins a high-stakes game of cat and mouse across the city with Acting Detective Chief Inspector Susan Reinhardt (Rosie Cavaliero).

As a wanted killer, Farrow has few allies, but he’s prepared to do things he never thought possible. And he won’t rest until the truth is uncovered.

Joining the cast alongside John Simm are Rosie Cavaliero, Craig Parkinson, Anastasia Hille and Adrian Edmondson.