Katie Hopkins On Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin Split: 'Little Miss Perfect Has Been Forced To Admit She's Not'

We all knew it was coming, and the moment has finally arrived - Katie Hopkins has given her opinion on the recent announcement that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have chosen to end their 10-year marriage.

And was the former 'Apprentice' contestant sympathetic to the 'consciously uncoupled' pair? What do you think..?

Katie Hopkins and Gwyneth Paltrow

Writing in her column for The Sun, Katie was predictably gleeful at the news that the couple were separating, saying: "Little Miss Perfect has been forced to admit she is not so perfect after all - while keeping up a full smarm offensive."

Katie, who divorced her first husband after a year of marriage, was also less than impressed with what she viewed as Gwyneth's attempts to dress up her split, ranting: "Divorce is not pretty. It is not a calm chat over coffee. It is not sharing nicely like grown-ups.

"Divorce is screaming and slamming doors. It is throwing all her shoes in the charity bin or smashing up his car with a claw hammer."

However the most shocking thing about Katie's latest column is that it actually ends on an empowering note. Honestly, it does.

"Paltrow isn't perfect and nor are we. You are single, honest and braver than you knew. Get out there and have fun."

Is that... is that some optimism from Katie Hopkins? More importantly, is she encouraging people to have fun?

We think we need a lie down...

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