Lauren Goodger Flashes Boobs And Bum In Revealing Jumpsuit (PICS)

Former ‘TOWIE’ star Lauren Goodger has fallen victim to one of the most unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions we’ve ever seen while out and about in London.

Oh Lauren, this is bad.

Lauren accidentally flashes the flesh

Lauren’s umm, style faux pas was the result of a combo of big errors, starting with the fact her jumpsuit was - how shall we put it? - ill-fitting.

The super low-cut, boob-baring ensemble was already showing off enough of Lauren’s ample bosom when the photographer’s flashbulbs rendered the outfit completely see-through, exposing the TV personality’s bum too.

The wetsuit-like fit of the jumpsuit didn’t help matters either but there are some positives to take from this whole debacle.

On the bright side, this will surely be the last time Lauren goes out without doing a full twirl in her living room in front of a style panel consisting of at least 5 fashion savvy pals.

The outfit showed off more than a little cleavage

This isn’t the first time Lauren’s assets have been exposed by a sheer ensemble, though at least last time it happened it was intentional.

The former ‘TOWIE’ star, who owns a beauty business, has also had some problems with fake tan in recent weeks too.

Don't worry Lauren we all have our bad days/months... We'll just write March off and pretend it never happened, yeah?

Lauren Goodger