02/04/2014 06:37 BST | Updated 02/04/2014 06:59 BST

Why You Should Take A Gap Year After University

Seb Oliver via Getty Images

For many of you who are graduating this year, a gap year was not possible before you started university. The astronomical rise in tuition fees meant that it would have cost you around £17,000 more to go to university a year later, a decision that had a pretty obvious answer for most people. So why should you consider a gap year after university instead?

It does seem as though there are quite a lot of people who had their heart set on travelling before university who were unfortunately unable to do so. However, many of these seem to have doubts about taking a similar length of time out after they have finished their degree. The worries of the future and the vast amounts of people applying for jobs and graduate schemes seem to put off many students, who think that they should be planning the rest of their lives instead of taking some time out to see some of the world and having some fun on the way.

Below are 10 reasons why a year out after university could well be the best decision you'll ever make:

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