30/03/2014 17:34 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mother's Day: The Funny Reality

10 Tips for a Great Mother's Day is our new favourite video. Don't worry, it's not a smug showcase of delighted mothers receiving perfect bunches of flowers from angelic children. (We prefer a droopy dandelion anyway.) No, this video smashes expectations of Mother's Day with the hilarious reality we all know too well.

Breakfast in bed translates into disaster kitchen, treaty shopping trip is the scene for a full-blown tantrum - and we're not talking mums - and on throughout the long day. But all the funny fails are more than made up for with hugs and giggles.


With many thanks to creators Huffington Post Comedy.

Tell us when Mother's Day didn't quite match your expectations - and when it did.