PL-01 Stealth Tank Is Practically Invisible To Infrared And Radar

Not only does the PL-01 look like something out of a computer game but it's also a stealth tank.

Deadly and invisible

It achieves this through a number of clever tricks. As well as the distinctive shape, it is covered in temperature controlled wafers allowing it to blend in with the infrared signature of its surroundings.

What's even more amazing is these panels can be manipulated to make the tank look like a smaller object such as a car.

Additionally fumes from its 940 bhp engine are cooled to further hide the vehicle.

It's versatile and light too - the main turret can be changed depending on the type of mission and the whole tank weighs only 3/5 of an American Abrams.

All of these innovations adds up to a tank that would be invisible to most of the world's weapons systems that rely on infrared or radar to target.