31/03/2014 13:35 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Pregnant Celebrities 2014: Which Stars Are Expecting And Their Celebrity Maternity Style

What is it about a celebrity announcing they're expecting that's so exciting? It could be the romance of the situation or, equally, perhaps we've just got too much time on our hands.

Either way, there have already been oodles of stars revealing they'll be welcoming little ones this year and it's hard not to get completely obsessed with how they do maternity style when the world's watching.

So far, when it comes to styling out a baby bump in 2014 - we've learned the following:

1. A good blow out really emphasises that whole "picture of health" thing we've grown accustomed to seeing from mums-to-be on the red carpet. See Drew Barrymore for inspiration - her tresses have never looked better.

2. Pregnancy style needn't mean the usual two polarised options of bodycon or super baggy - you won't regret experimenting if you're expecting. Case and point is Kerry Washington's looks during red carpet season, when she proved you can in fact have a baby bump and look good in a crop top too.

3. Finding your usual blazers are a little too tight? Don't worry if you can't fasten all the buttons, Jade Jagger's been buttoning one under her bust since her bump emerged and it's the sweetest thing.

4. Colour blocking and pregnancy are a match made in heaven - just check out Olivia Wilde's awards season wardrobe. Sleek and stunning, she hasn't put a fashion foot wrong.

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