From Doggy To Missionary, This New Sex Calculator Works Out How Many Calories You Burn

A good motivation to coax your lazy partner from the Missionary to Doggy style is to show them how many more calories they'll be burning. (Or it may just earn you a slap).

A new tool (the online kind) has been designed by an online pharmacy to work out how much you're burning off beneath the sheets.

Once you enter your gender into the Sex Calculator, it gives you various selections for body type from 'skinny minnies' to 'more cushion for the pushing'.

You then choose your position, which ranges from Missionary to Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl to Spoons. After that you choose your intensity, and then duration.

We're not sure. Surely sex is a bit like chocolate? Counting calories would suck* all the fun out of it.

* Yep, we meant that pun.