01/04/2014 11:07 BST | Updated 01/04/2014 11:59 BST

Schools, Colleges And Unis Do April Fools 2014. This Is What Happened

It's April 1, and everyone's keen to jump on the bandwagon (including us, of course). Some of them are utterly brilliant - King's College Cambridge choir, hats off to you - and some are just darn bizarre - fingers pointing at you, Keele University.

First off, however, is this downright strange April Fools emerging from our Australian cousins. Ok, it wasn't by the school, and we're not quite sure who's behind the prank, but still, it's actually quite disturbing.

april fools

"An April Fool’s prank SMS that Castle Hill High School was closed due to malicious damage by fire is being investigated by police and the Department of Education," the Daily Telegraph Australia reported. "About 2:30am on Tuesday night, an SMS was sent to more than 1400 parents saying the school would be closed due to damage after pranksters breached the school’s IT system.

"The hoax message caused stress and inconvenience for both parents and students, especially those sitting exams, and neither the school or Department of Education are amused."


Next up is Keele University, and its full time course in Nutology. Not to mention Herbert the Dragon found in a Keele lake and the nut power generator. Hats off to you Keele for going all out.

"A group of Keele researchers made what they describe as a “shocking discovery” after one of Keele’s eight lakes were drained yesterday. The hardy researchers believe they have found the remains of a creature that inspired legends for centuries. They claim to hold evidence believing Keele’s own dragon, known affectionately as Herbert, found its resting place many eons ago.

Renowned, world-leading scientist Professor Keith Squirrel revealed: “Due to mining activities in the area, coupled with extreme floods this winter, we believe we have found the remains of Keele’s great mysteries."

This brings us on to City & Guilds, which announced "major investment" in moon training and qualifications, known as "Moonits", aimed at future moon inhabitants.

Cambridge Union's debating society shared an email of "utmost confidentiality" on Facebook, announcing Barack Obama would be visiting the union.

And last but not least is King's College choir, who set the bar high. They revealed they were going to stop using boy trebles and adopt altos breathing helim techniques instead.