01/04/2014 06:14 BST | Updated 01/04/2014 06:59 BST

iPhone 6 'Air' Concept Shows What A Super Slim Model Could Look Like

Martin Hajek

As ever with Apple iPhone rumours, none of them can be confirmed but that doesn't stop people having a pop at imagining what the next one might be like.

Martin Hajek and French firm, Nowhereelse, have come up with these rather beautiful renderings of an iPhone 6 Air.

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The obvious difference is the thickness of the handset and the rounded edge.

Judging by Apple's regular-as-clockwork pattern of product releases, we won't hear anything for sure about the actual new design until September - or June at the earliest, at WWDC, if you count iOS 8 as 'iPhone 6' news.

Virtually everyone with a passable CAD qualification having a go at designing their own concepts of the future-phone.

The last reasonable effort was from TechRadar and can be seen here.