01/04/2014 10:36 BST | Updated 01/04/2014 10:59 BST

15 Things Only King's College London Students Will Understand

From the return of the sharing platter at Waterfront to the queues at Walkabout on a Wednesday, 15 of the things that only King's students will understand.

KCL is noted for its beautiful campuses (minus Macadam, because who likes that monstrosity), it has featured in films like Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code, yet wouldn't it be that little bit better if we included Somerset House in all its glory in that? Or the abandoned Aldwych Tube station - featured in Skyfall - but have you ever been down there? We all know the few lucky Stamford Street students who roll out of bed fully clothed ready for 9am lectures at Waterloo - in case you didn't know, we hate you.

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