'Shetland' Review Episode 4 - 'Dead Water Part 2' Had Good Story, Better Scenery

TV REVIEW: Shetland - Good Story, Better Scenery

'Shetland' concluded it's 'Dead Water' two-parter with lots of red herrings, happy couples turning out to be betrayed, and romantic betrayals turning out to be political corruption, political corruption turning out to be secret romantic attachment. All in all, a satisfyingly windy turn, which finally brought us back, waterside.

Which was good news on two fronts - a cracking plot, and an excuse for Willow Reeves (Nina Sosanya) not to fly back to Aberdeen, but to stick around, have her own ideas, and generally ruffle the feathers of Perez on many fronts.

Perez and Tosh were forced to dig into the past to solve the matching murders

Funny, then, that these two strong characters ended up in the pub staring at each other, with Reeves provoking him about his personal life. These script writers know what they're doing. I hope we see her again.

Besides the always stunning scenery, the show rests, not falls, on the likeability of Douglas Henshall as Perez, and he's doing a grand job, juggling his pursuit of justice with an evident compassion and admiration for these steely folk, living without the usual urban comforts.

Meanwhile, his other personal relationships were proving just as testing, with a haughty teenager feeling misunderstood, and her 'other' dad failing to back him up. "You have to support me," complained Perez, of their unconventional connection. "I want a divorce," said a mellow Mark Bonnar. I like these two.

Shetland Episode 4

Shetland Episode 4


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