Body Dryer Seeks To Eradicate Towels From Your Home While Caressing You With Air

Towels Are Doomed: The 'Body Dryer' Is Here.

Towels - fluffy, warm and comforting. But this can all too soon become scratchy, damp and slightly mouldy-smelling if you're not careful.

What the world needs is this, the Body Dryer.

The not-too-imaginatively titled device does pretty much exactly what you'd expect but does it rather cleverly.

Five strategically placed nozzles blast you with ionised air to dry you from toe to head, enveloping you in your choice of a hot or cold breeze.

It's currently being funded on Indiegogo where you can nab one for £75, half the price of what they're expected to retail for when they go on general sale.


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