iPhone 6: 'Transparent' Texting Feature On The Way?

The Next iPhone Might Have One Big 'Transparent' Innovation...

The next iPhone might just be transparent.


Rumours are reporting that the iPhone 6, or iPhone Air, or whatever it is, will have a new feature which makes it possible to see where you're going while texting.

This kind of idea has been around for a while in the form of third party apps, which overlay a semi-transparent keyboard over images relayed from the camera.

But it is thought Apple might bake the concept straight into its next device.

The reports are based on a new patent, filed in 2012, which says:

"A user who is walking while participating in a text messaging session may inadvertently collide with or stumble over objects in his path because his attention was focused on his device's display instead of the path that he was traversing."

As ever, this is just a rumour. We'll add it to the stack.


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