Matchstick Globe 'Early One Morning' Is An Incredible Use Of Paint, Matches And Lots Of Time

Bet You Can't Guess What This Globe Is Made Of
Andy Yoder

Left alone with thousands of matches and a lot of spare time, most people will inevitably construct a massive pyre and watch the whole thing burn.

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Early One Morning

Early One Morning

Called 'Early One Morning' the artwork consists of matches stuck to a frame of foam, cardboard and plywood.

The detail is pretty impressive, there's even a close-up of Hurricane Sandy.

If you want to see it you'll need to pop over the pond to the Winkleman Gallery in New York City where is is being displayed as part of the PULSE New York Contemporary Art Fair from 8 May to 11.

And don't worry, the whole thing is covered in fire-prevention chemicals which means it can't explode.


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