School Bans Girls From Wearing Miss Sexy Trousers

School Bans Girls From Wearing Miss Sexy Trousers

A school has banned girl pupils from wearing a popular style of trousers called 'Miss Sexy'.

The head of the school in Newhaven, East Sussex, says the tight-fitting trousers, which feature a large buckle on the front, are inappropriate for pupils.

Miss Sexy aren't specifically marketed for children, but are popular trousers for schoolgirls and are featured on several school uniform websites.

But Tideway School in Newhaven, East Sussex, told parents in a letter the trousers were 'inappropriate' for their pupils - who are aged 11 to 16.

It added pupils who disobey the school uniform policy could be isolated or suspended.

The letter also suggested parents buy their daughters new skirts if they had 'grown since the purchase' of their last one.

The letter said: "School uniform engenders a sense of belonging and a smart uniform encourages a more mature approach to learning.

"Parents are expected to give full support to the school uniform policy and all students are expected to be in full uniform each day.

"They may be removed from lessons and isolated or sent home if they are not wearing the correct uniform or if their hairstyle or colour is deemed inappropriate.

"The headteacher's decision is final. Trousers must be tailored, not jean or 'Miss Sexy' style.'"

Other items have also been banned from the school - such as boots, jewellery and nail varnish.

It said: "Boots are not permitted, nor are fabric shoes e.g. Vans or plimsolls.

"Skirts must be one of the school styles, as detailed on the website, and must be an appropriate length.

"If your daughter has grown since the purchase of her skirt please ensure that a new one is provided for the summer terms.

"Skirts should be worn with plain black tights. Alternatively grey or black socks may be worn.

"Ear studs and a watch are permitted but no other jewellery may be worn and hair must be of a natural colour. Nail varnish is not permitted for students."

A school spokesman said today: "We've not said any specific trousers are banned.

"We said we have a uniform code that specifies types of trousers and skirts our students should wear. We've asked parents to comply with those.

"The uniform code says 'these are the ones' and we'd like people to wear them.

"I don't want to comment on names of trousers as we're trying to keep an appropriate business attire in the school."

Several other schools have banned the 'Miss Sexy' brand. Teachers at Bradley Stoke Community School in Bristol said they were unacceptable because of the way they 'cling' to girl students - making them 'unhelpful' to learning.