Spotify Redesign: Massive Changes Coming To iOS, Android And Desktop

Spotify Suddenly Looks Different - Here's Why

Spotify has launched the biggest redesign in its history - and we hope you like black.

The new design will launch on iOS, Android, desktop and web Spotify clients, bringing each in line with a consistent style and feature set.

Spotify said the darker, more rounded design would also come with a range of new features.

They include:

  • 'Your Music', a new space to save albums and browse your favourite artists without having to keep them in playlists - a big request for mobile users who had until now been forced to create playlists for each album.
  • Browse - this improved feature should make it easier to find "even more relevant and localised content" according to Spotify.

"We want to make sure Spotify users enjoy the best-looking experience of any music service – one that’s easy to use and consistent across all devices," said Michelle Kadir, Director of Product at Spotify.

"Our new design respects what’s most important: the music. And with Your Music, your music collection doesn’t only look great, but also feels truly personal."

The new design will roll out on all platforms from today, but gradually - so don't panic if you don't see it yet.


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