Surviving Teenagers: What Their Answers Mean


You ask your teenagers questions, but their answers leave you even more puzzled. This is because it's all a game, and only they know the rules.

Think about it. Does your teenager usually answer a), b), c) or d) to questions like these?*

1. Why is your bag of dirty sports kit still on the stairs?

a) I forgot about it

b) I need it tomorrow

c) I'll do it in a minute

d) What sports kit?

2. Why are there 10 dirty coffee cups in your room?

a) Coffee helps me concentrate

b) What time's tea?

c) I'll do it in a minute

d) What coffee cups?

3. Why is there a wet towel on your floor?

a) I just had a shower

b) It's not mine

c) I'll do it in a minute

d) What towel?

4. Why haven't you rung your gran to thank her for your present?

a) I've forgotten what she gave me

b) She's not in

c) I'll do it in a minute

d) What present?

5. Why didn't you tell me there was a parents' evening at school?

a) I thought I did

b) They said they were sending you a letter

c) I was just about to do it

d) What parents' evening?

*What the answers mean:

a) The honest answer. But it's not helpful, and it doesn't really answer the question.

b) Designed to put you off the scent. It may not even be true.

c) The answer that puts you in the wrong. He/she was about to do it anyway.

d) The delaying tactic. Your teenager can't be expected to answer the question if he/she doesn't understand what you're on about.

Conclusion: Save your breath.