A Dead Sausage With One Foot - Owner Of America's 'Worst Tattoo' Decides To Get Rid Of It

'Party favour tattoos' as California-based tattooist Jeremy Swan refers to them, may seem like a good idea at the time, but they rarely end up being works of art and the owner almost always regrets them.

In this clip from TLC's latest episode of America's Worst Tattoos, married man Dirk from Seattle has reached the point where his tattoo of a one-footed sausage being choked, is no longer chuckle-worthy.

The sausage however isn't a one-off, Dirk has other masterpieces hidden underneath his shirt.

First he shows Jeremy a large tattoo on his chest of a dinosaur holding a ham bone - he has no recollection of getting it.

But then Jeremy points at Dirk's left nipple. "The first of us to get married was going to get a black nipple," he explains, waving his left ring finger.

Oh right, that makes it okay then.

"There's a long tradition of bad tattoos between my friends and I," Dirk adds.

When Jeremy catches sight of the sausage - inked on Dirk's right thigh, he says: "So many questions. First, why is the sausage being choked? Why does it have one foot?"

Dirk's friend who hovers in the background seems to approve of thee bad tattoos, but Jeremy is not impressed.

He says: "I can see why it used to be funny but he's a married man now and you know he can't be pulling down his pants at bars anymore."