The Big Declutter: 20 Things In Your Home You Need To Get Rid Of Now

When it comes to living with clutter, we all have a different threshold. Some of us like our homes to have a lived-in look while others prefer clean lines and perfect minimalism. Some like to hold onto items of sentimental value while others prefer to ruthlessly perform a regular cull.

Whichever side of the fence you sit on when it comes to acquiring 'stuff' it is likely that you have an idea of your dream home, whether it's modern, industrial, shabby chic or authentically home made. And, let's be honest, a giant leap towards designing a gorgeous new interior is having a good old clear out.

So whether you're a secret hoarder or a staunch minimalist, there are certain items that always seem to find their way into every home. If you have any of these offending items lurking under the stairs, languishing under your bed or hiding in cavernous corners of your cupboards, cabinets or drawers, it's time to free your home and free your mind of useless clutter - we guarantee you and your home will feel a lot better once you've purged.

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