03/04/2014 04:29 BST | Updated 03/04/2014 04:59 BST

Mitch Callahan, Grand Rapids Ice Hockey Player, Hit By Puck To The Mouth (GRAPHIC PICTURE)

Mitch Callahan couldn't wait to show off his ice hockey war wound from a puck to the mouth.

Callahan, the Grand Rapids Griffins' second-top goalscorer, was hit in the mouth late in the first period of their 6-1 thrashing of Iowa.

Maybe it was the elation of victory, but Callahan was happy to share the gruesome sight of his bloodied mouth on Twitter.

Twenty-two-year-old centre Callahan was escorted off as a pool of blood coloured the ice and teammates searched for lost teeth.

He then posted an acceptable selfie of the damage from inside the locker room.

Mitch Callahan