This Quadcopter Footage Of Cornwall Is Just Jaw-Dropping

Jaw-Dropping Footage Of Cornwall Recorded As Drone Pilot Sat In Hotel Room

An amateur filmmaker has used a homemade quadcopter to record some astonishing footage of the north Cornwall coast.

The videographer used a four motor TBS Discovery Pro drone, which took 19 hours to build, to record the footage. It captures a soaring journey across the waves as the sun sets behind the cliffs and rocks of the Cornwall coast.

Reddit user mon7gomery said he was controlling the drone from his hotel room about 650 metres away. The pictures, recorded with a GoPro Hero3+ are totally unedited other than a slow-motion section towards the end.

He said on Reddit that he was blown away from the "crazy" response.

"There's no denying it's an expensive hobby, but I hope to recover some of the cost in the future by selling footage and services. Since I started, there's been an explosion of interest in this market, and with the release of ready-to-fly products such as DJI's Phantom it's becoming more accessible to the masses.

Regulation is bound to follow. So far the community has resisted, but in the wrong hands these things can be lethal. By building your own platform, you're forced to understand every little aspect of what you're putting in the air, and know what can go wrong. I'd prefer if this hobby didn't become commercialised, but hey, it's bound to happen.

Anyway, I'm loving what I'm doing and loving that you love it too. :)"


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