04/04/2014 14:20 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Eight-Year-Old Girl Claims She Can Perform Miracles To Cure Cancer

An eight-year-old girl claims to have God-given powers that enable her to perform miracles, curing everything from cancer to HIV.

Alani Santos claims God's energy to carry out faith healings at her father's church in the favela of San Gonzalos, just outside Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In her YouTube videos, Alani can be seen helping an elderly woman to walk without using a stick, and 'healing' a man who has been suffering from HIV for seven years.

Encouraged by her father, Pastor Adauto Santos, a former car thief, she lays her hands on the man who then collapses on the floor in shock.

Twice a week the vulnerable and sick from across Brazil file into the building for a chance to be touched by the girl's healing hands.

At the end of the service, people are asked to fill collection bowls. Alani has been doing this for the last two years, and says she enjoys making people better.

In later life she says she wants to become a doctor to carry on helping the sick.

Speaking to Guardian: "She's a normal kid – apart from this gift. It is Jesus who cures. She is an instrument."

Alani is just one example of a spiritual healer in a country where more and more Christians are converting to Pentecostalism.

The Pentecostal church believes in direct contact with God through the holy spirit, revealed to the believer through experiences such as healing, speaking in tongues and prophecy.

Describing her 'powers', Alani said: "A lot of the time I just touch people, sometimes I pray and worship and the person is cured."