Transport For London Tells Delayed Commuter To 'Leave Earlier' In Twitter Spat

In a case of sarcasm having gone horribly wrong, Transport for London managed to infuriate a delayed commuter who complained about the lateness of his train, by suggesting he leave earlier.

In a situation which many Londoners can surely relate, frustrated Twitter user @dan_down tweeted at the official TfL London Overground account, after his service was disrupted. Again.

He said he faced losing 25% of his salary due to lateness caused by delayed trains.

He wrote: "Sort it out @LDNOverground if I'm late once more this month I lose 25% of my salary. Are you lot reimbursing me?"

The TFL Overground account replied: “@dan_down Leave early you will not be late next time. Hope this helps.”

The advice was, rather obviously, not well received.

The Twitter user criticised TFL’s “smart arse answers” and said that the company should “stick to your timetable”.

“How dare you answer like that,” he said.

“Why should I have to compensate for your shoddy service. Why not run on time?”

As his reproach escalated, TFL backtracked on its earlier comments.

“Apologies for the response you received earlier. I don't think it was meant to come across like that. I'll get this looked into,” a staff member tweeted from the account.