'Undeniable' Review: Part 1 Of ITV Thriller Starring Claire Goose And Peter Firth

In this first part of 'Undeniable', Jane (Claire Goose) had been a traumatised, seven-year-old sole witness to her mother's murder. Cut to 23 years later, and here she was, a mother-to-be making her happy way to hospital for her first appointment.

And there she stopped in her tracks, sure she had bumped straight into her mother's murderer. Except he happened to be a thoroughly respectable, trustworthy senior doctor. How respectable and trustworthy? Peter Firth levels, that's how.

Peter Firth and Claire Goose in 'Undeniable' - who to believe?

Of course, WE don't know if she is or isn't on the money here. It was carefully established that she'd taken herself off her anti-depressants, which could lead to "anxiety, confusion… keep taking your medication, Jane".

But she isn't, and she's out to get him. Via lots and lots of chat with anguished husband, who got more and more whispery, the crosser he got about the whole thing.

It was an intriguing idea, although I'm not really sure it all stood up. Would the police really be allowed to go after someone based on the arrival of a child witness over two decades later and, if they did decide to proceed, would they really start wriggling with discomfort due to his seniority at work? Surely THAT isn't the problem here.

Always good to see Peter Firth in action though, and Claire Goose was valiantly wild-eyed and vengeful as a still grieving daughter. I'll be staying with it, if only to find out… yes or no?