09/04/2014 13:12 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Emma Stone Does Her Best Made In Chelsea And TOWIE Impressions On Radio 1

Just when we thought we couldn't love Emma Stone any more, the actress was filmed mimicking the Made in Chelsea and TOWIE stars on Scott Mills' Radio 1 show on Wednesday.

Stone was on the show to promote her latest film, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 with her co-star and boyfriend Andrew Garfield. Cute!

So - was she any good at the impressions? Of course she was! (This is the girl who can fake every single one of the Spice Girl's signatures - she's that much of a fan.)

Mills played Stone clips of MiC's Mark Francis and TOWIE's Gemma Collins before he asked her to give their accents a go - but her initial responses to hearing their voices were almost good as her impersonations.

When Mills filled her in on the MiC background, Stone asked if the show involved "a lot of silent staring." She then did her best "yah" imitation when told that the show was set in Chelsea.

Emma's never watched the show before but wow, this girl knows her stuff about reality TV.

As for our favourite bit about this interview? Emma's reaction to the names 'Cheska, ' 'Binky' and 'Proudlock' was just priceless.

"I could not have come up with better names," she said in her best, non-sarcastic voice.

Emma, please can we watch next week's episode of Made in Chelsea with you?

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