Veet's 'Don't Risk Dudeness' Hairy Legs And Armpits Ad Campaign Causes Uproar

Women's body hair - to have or not to have - is once again the battleground between feminists and people who think that hairy women are female hobbits.

Hair removal product maker Veet's 'Don't Risk Dudeness' campaign has provoked outrage on Twitter, after videos featuring a quite sweet, chubby man masquerading as a woman have been released.

The series of videos feature a similar scenario: a woman's hair leg or pits are uncovered in front of someone else, she then transforms into a man, and the 'don't risk dudeness' stamp appears.

It seems to be a spectacular own goal for Veet. Although Aurore Trepo, marketing director of personal care for Reckitt Benckiser says: "it's a comedic approach to address women's hair removal", the overarching message is that to be free of body hair is 'womanly', implying that women who don't are masculine beasts.

Our two pence? We women are perfectly happy to wax and epilate, but not if someone is telling us that to not do so means we're 'dudes'. It's our body hair, and if we want to plait our pits or grow leg warmers, that's our prerogative.

Here's what some were saying on Twitter:

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