Emma Stone's Spice Girls Dreams Come True As She Speaks To Mel C During Interview (VIDEO)

Emma Stone was given a pleasant surprise during a radio interview, when she got to speak to her idol Mel C over FaceTime.

The actress has spoken many times in the past about her deep love of the Spice Girls (we’re with you on that one, Emma), and finally got to speak to Sporty Spice herself during an interview with Capital FM, along with her boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

During the chat, to promote their new film ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’ they were challenged to a Spice Girls sing-a-long, where Emma demonstrated that she still knew all the words to ‘Stop’.

As a special treat when she was done singing, Emma was surprised to have a video chat with Mel C “live from her mum’s house” which she was visibly amazed by.

Emma Stone, playing it cool when she got to speak to Mel C

Mel told the star she’d recently spoken to Emma Bunton, and had invited her to come over to her house and try on her Spice Girls costumes, to which she said she would “love to”.

Following their conversation, an excited Emma said: “That was the coolest ever. Oh my God, I’m shaking.”

That might seem like a bit of an overreaction, but we can honestly only imagine the chaos that would ensue if we actually got to speak to a Spice Girl. We imagine there would be a lot of tears and incoherent wailing.

Emma also made headlines earlier this week after she did impressions of cast members from the docusoaps ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and ‘Made In Chelsea’ during another radio interview.


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