10/04/2014 14:31 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Twins Aged Four Show Off Amazing BMX Bike Skills (Video)

Most four-year-olds are happy if they manage to transition from a tricycle to a two-wheel bike. But thrill-seeking twins Jake and Theo Riddle are already tearing up stunt courses on their BMX bikes, captured in this amazing video of their skills.

Their precocious talents were caught on film by their dad, who put together the most impressive clips from their outings to bike tracks and parks around their native New Zealand.

In the video, the boys take on steep slopes and daring jumps without batting an eyelid. Little legs peddling furiously, they seem fearless as they throw themselves at stunt ramps designed for bikers two or three times their age.

And they're not only fearless - they've got some serious skills. Motor skills are not generally a young child's strong suit, but this pair show an astounding knack for balance and control over their wheels. But off the track they appear like totally normal four-year-olds

Of course, the lads aren't quite ready for the professional circuit yet - they both prang their bikes a few times and suffer their fair share of wipe-outs during the video, but they are well-insulated in helmets and pads, and bounce back to their feet in no time.

The video includes a clip of the pair when they were toddlers, riding their tricycles over a makeshift cardboard ramp in the back garden, proving they have been bike-mad since they were old enough to walk.

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