How To Detox Your Bathroom - How You Can Make A Difference

C.P. Hart

Detoxing your bathroom is a great way to turn your ordinary space into a sanctuary. It’s all about making simple, straightforward changes: de-cluttering any mess, ditching the cleaning products full of toxic chemicals and switching to paraben-free bath products and cosmetics. Since hygiene is paramount, it’s also about controlling moisture levels in your space to keep mould from growing and making you and your family ill.

Detoxing your bathroom can also mean giving it more than a spring clean and replacing traditional bathroom products with natural ones. There are lots of straightforward ways to give your bathroom an aesthetic update so that it feels fresh, whether you want to add a decorative bowl and brassware or spruce up your space with a smart mirror.

“When planning a bathroom, it is important to create a sense of space even if your actual space is limited,” says Sally Cutchie, designer at C.P. Hart. “Revealing as much floor as possible gives the idea of a larger room.”

When it comes to creating a bathroom that’s serene and feels spacious, everything from the lighting you choose to the colours of the tiles you use can make a difference in creating the illusion of space and luxury. Cutchie also warns that there are certain things to steer clear of in small bathrooms: “Using dark tones in a room with little natural light could make a space feel claustrophobic, so make sure this is avoided in small spaces or rooms without adequate lighting.”

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