10 Must-Have Vintage Home Décor Items

10 Must-Have Vintage Home Decor Items

Adding a vintage object (or five!) into your home is a simple way of adding colour and print to your space and imbuing it with charm and elegance, whether your decor style is shabby-chic rustic or boldly hued, wildly patterned tiki parlour.

The best part about adding some vintage flair to your home is that you don't need a massive furniture piece to make a statement: small home decor items like mirrors, trinket boxes and tea cups can all add a quaint and unique edge to your home without compromising your contemporary style. Vintage items work beautifully in modern spaces too - just try sprucing up a kitchen with a retro-style gadget or giving your bathroom an Art Deco finish with some dazzling trinket boxes.

If scouring flea markets, car boot sales and charity shops isn't your thing, not to worry. The high street is full of vintage-inspired homewares that look fantastic and have the added benefit of being a bit more durable and less precious than items that have been around for decades. Of course, sometimes nothing beats the real deal, so look through any storage boxes and start displaying your family heirlooms and mementos for a unique statement. You can even use retro fabrics to create gorgeous DIY designs, from curtains to paper-covered boxes.

Get inspired by our pick of 10 must-have vintage home decor items, from lamp shades to cushions, and give your home a timeless finish and a unique and charming appeal.