CNN's Coverage Of Kate And William Meeting Maori Leaders Is Not At All Offensive, Oh No (VIDEO)

Oh Dear, CNN. Just: Oh Dear.

Oh dear, CNN. Just: Oh dear.

This may be the most offensive American coverage of events in another country since CBS used Toto's 'Africa' for Nelson Mandela's memorial coverage.

Just click play to see CNN reporter Jeanne Moos marvel - in a bemused-slash-borderline-racist sort of way - at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's recent encounter with Maori warriors and leaders in New Zealand.

From traditional Maori warrior dress to traditional Maori greetings - with a few other non-American countries' traditions chucked in for good measure - prepare to be aghast. Not at the traditions, but at CNN's coverage of them.

UPDATE: Jeanie Moos has responded to criticism of the report, and claims that it was offensive, saying: "Duly noted. I do humour and satire, and I am truly sorry if the tone of my story offended anyone.”

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