14/04/2014 11:09 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Leonardo DiCaprio Dancing At Coachella 2014: The Best Video You'll See Today

If you didn't already wish you were at Coachella 2014, this video of Leonardo DiCaprio dancing to MGMT at the Californian festival will have you googling flights to LA asap.

According to the Daily Beast the Wolf of Wall Street himself was spotted (and filmed!) dancing like a crazy raver to 'Kids' by MGMT... Although the 39-year-old star was sure to wear a T-shirt tied around his face to mask his identity, we're pretty sure it's him. What do you reckon?

Need a closer look to assess if this really was the four-time Oscar-nominated star? Well then check the twitpic. Apparently that's Leo on the far left...

Yeah, we're totally convinced. So, what have we learnt from this video?

1. You're never too old for a shack out. Leo may be pushing 40, but he's still up for a rave and the obligatory shoddy footwork that comes with it. We highly expect this guy to be partying like it's 1999 well into his 80s.

2. Leo might want to invest in some dance lessons. While we totally forgive him for it, we're not sure shaking his bottom from side to side and then jumping up and down will win him a spot on Dancing With The Stars.

3. Is Leo channelling Jordan Belfort? Last time we saw LD this, er, free, he was pretending to be drugged out of his face in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

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