UK Weather: Easter Weekend Set To Be A Wash Out

If You're Out And About For Easter, Take An Umbrella

This Easter Weekend is set to be a washout as meteorologists predict heavy rainfall and an end to the balmy temperatures the UK has been having.

The warm temperatures most of us have been enjoying in the last few are expected to dip on Good Friday.

Andy Ratcliffe, a weather forecaster at MeteoGroup, told The Telegraph: "It will be more unsettled than this weekend. This weekend we've had high pressure influence the weather across much of the UK but it is looking like pressure will be lower through next weekend."

He said the high and low pressure systems coming into contact could result in heavy rainfall over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Heavy rainfall has been predicted for this Easter Weekend

Leon Brown, from The Weather Channel UK, gave an updated forecast for the weather, issued on Tuesday, which said Thursday will be the last warm day in the south with temperatures 19 to 20C in the London area. A cold front will move from the north, where it will be a lot cooler, causing showers.

Good Friday is expected to be dry nationwide. It will be quite cloudy though over the Midlands to the south east and East Anglia.

Scotland, Northern Ireland and west Wales to Cornwall and west Devon will get the best of the sunshine, while it will feel a lot cooler in the south, with temperatures 11 to 14C and perhaps only 10C around the North Sea coast from East Anglia to Kent, because of breezes.

Saturday will see a widespread ground frost and air frosts in the north and west, followed by sunshine for Wales, northern England and central and southern Scotland.

The south east will be cloudy and breezy again and there may be a light shower in the morning over Kent to Sussex. Temperatures are expected to be between 12 to 14C in the south but warmer in west Wales and in the sunshine in Scotland should mean temperatures there reach 15 to 16C.

On Sunday, low pressure will bring a wet day to southern England, the Midlands and Wales. The rain moving will move north west in the afternoon so it could improve and become brighter and drier in the south east.

Scotland and Northern Ireland are expected to be sunny. In the south west and south Wales, afternoon temperatures will be between 10 to 12C in the rain but may lift to 15 or 16C in if it brightens up later in the day.

On Easter Monday, eastern and south eastern England could stay dry and bright with sunny spells but showers are likely in the west and some rain at first in Scotland. Temperatures will be between 15 to 17C in the east and 12 to 15C over the north and west, with light winds.


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